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About Us

R3 Stem Cell’s Centers of Excellence offer treatment with a simple mission. A mission to repair and regenerate tissue damage in the most minimally invasive way possible with minimal risk and maximal effectiveness! Treatment for neuropathy to date has focused on relieving symptoms (e.g. Lyrica).


R3 focuses on state of the art options including stem cell therapy that actually has potential to not only stop the progression of neuropathy, but also may be able to restore sensation while relieving pain. Patients react differently mind you, while the paradigm is changed to one of repair and regeneration rather than just a “band-aid” with narcotics.


Stem cell therapy at R3 Centers are provided in conjunction with additional modalities such as nutritional supplements, light therapy, electrical stimulation and more. The goal is not only for short term success but to help those with neuropathy achieve long term improvements! Call us today at (844) GET-STEM to find a Center near you.

Wouldn’t it be great if tissue injuries could be repaired without surgery, giving you the ability to do things that you want to do, like play with your kids and grandkids again, go hiking, swimming, ride a bike, and be… Pain Free!
R3 Centers offer treatments geared towards restoring increased activity and a better quality of life. No narcotics are involved, so no chance for addiction!


Dr. Nathan Weller – Scottsdale AZ

Dr. Nathan Weller has dedicated his entire professional career to serving people with peripheral neuropathy. Neuropathy treatment and the advancement of what can be done with neuropathy patient outcomes has been Dr. Weller’s sole purpose for practicing over the last 5 years.


He has treated thousands of patients over his career and truly cares about what the patient has to say and how they feel about there personal condition. Dr. Weller has been happily married for the past 9 years to his wife Natasha, and they have twin girls. When he is not in the office helping change peoples lives, he is with his family and friends enjoying the great out doors.

Dr. Tomás Reynolds – Scottsdale AZ
As a naturopathic physician, Dr. Tomás Reynolds has devoted his entire medical career to helping patients determine the ultimate cause of their condition, regardless of its location in the body.

Dr. Reynolds knows that any condition, including peripheral neuropathy, will respond best to individualized treatments that focus on addressing and eliminating the cause, rather than focusing on and covering up symptoms using conventional options. When Dr. Reynolds isn’t helping patients overcome their neuropathy, he enjoys being active outdoors, healthy eating and building community.

Stem cell therapy for neuropathy often helps patients reduce the need for pain medications!
Dr. Jason Powers – Milan TN

Dr. Jason Powers, D.C. and Balance Medical and Rehab provide professional pain relief services to the Milan area and surrounding communities. Service offerings focus on providing relief from acute and chronic pain, increased mobility and function, as well as long-term wellness care to individuals and families of all ages.


In conjunction with his team, Dr. Powers offers extensive regenerative therapies including stem cell and PRP therapy, laser treatment, spinal decompression and more. These therapies work great for degenerative arthritis, sports injuries, overuse conditions, back/neck pain, migraines and neuropathy!

Dr. Lyndsey Reynolds – Milan TN

Dr. Powers attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa and graduated with her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in 2007. Dr. Powers has been instrumental in setting up the regenerative program at Balance Medical.


Patients are treated with compassion and expertise, and provided with the time necessary so that all questions are answered. Treatments are offered for arthritis, sports injuries, overuse conditions (e.g. tendonitis) and neuropathy as well!

ing patients overcome their neuropathy, he enjoys being active outdoors, healthy eating and building community.

Stem cell therapy for neuropathy typically helps patients walk better and with less pain!
Dr. John O’Hara – Chicago, IL

Dr. John O’Hara with Chicago Regenerative Clinics in Chicago is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist with extensive experience and expertise in pain relief with various regenerative medicine procedures.  Prior to starting this private practice, Dr. O’Hara was the Director of Pain Management in an academic setting, training resident physicians in a hospital based Anesthesia Residency Program in Chicago, Illinois. He was an Assistant Clinical Professor of Anesthesia and a consultant to the Pain Management Center at Cook County Hospital.


Dr. O’Hara has published articles in academic journals pertaining to Anesthesia, and a book chapter, on the pathophysiology of pain, in The Annals of Physical Medicine. He also co-authored an award winning article presented in the Journal of The American Academy of Pain Management.


Dr. O’Hara has been a Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management since 1991.

Dr. Lawrence Mason – Chicago, IL

Dr. Mason is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist who specializes in regenerative medicine procedures. He is an expert in the procedures and maintains a compassionate bedside manner that has led to impressive online reviews!


Dr. Mason’s education and training:

  • Univ Of Mi Med Sch
    Medical School | Graduated 1981


  • Montefiore Medical Center-Moses Division
    Internship Hospital | Completed


  • Montefiore Medical Center-Moses Division
    Residency Hospital | Completed 1984


  • U Mich Med Sch
    Fellowship Hospital | Completed 1990

Stem cell therapy for neuropathy typically helps patients walk better and with less pain!